Granite Surfaces

Looking for countertops? Look no further than Malsnee. We have the area’s largest selection of granite in stock at all times. Our indoor warehouse displays an eclectic selection of stones in a wide array of colors. We have everything from your more common colors to wild exotics.

If you can’t quite find one from our inventory, we keep good relations with some of the more local importers.  This allows our customers to have access to even more stones.

If you prefer a material other than natural stone, we also have a large selection of quartz samples from Cambria, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, and Silestone. Other options made from recycled material, such as Paperstone, Icestone, and GeoStone, give our customers the opportunity to go “green”, if they choose.

Check out our large “remnant yard” for small-scale projects like vanities.  Here we place all the pieces or off-falls from our cutting operations. Customers can often find a granite or quartz top that is well suited for their project and save a little money in the process.