Our Team

Greg Eshbach

Greg Eshbach has been with Malsnee since 1983 and in the trowel trades since 1977. He currently serves as the President of Malsnee Tile & Stone Inc. In this capacity, he oversees all areas of the company. He is a certified NCTF inspector and is qualified to investigate many types of flooring failures. When not at work you are most likely to find him on his motorcycle. (Except in the winter!)

Zach Eshbach

Zach Eshbach has been with Malsnee since 2004.  He previously served as a commercial masonry estimator with Eshbach Brothers for four years. His day to day duties involve mostly commercial work, along with the occasional residential job. He enjoys golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Dennis Hoffa

Dennis Hoffa has been with Malsnee since 1998. Previous to this, he was employed as a ceramic tile apprentice for Malsnee in the 1970’s. Dennis is primarily responsible for bidding and running residential jobs. He is very good at helping clients navigate the remodeling process and making it as enjoyable as possible.

Ian Eshbach

Ian Eshbach has been with Malsnee since 2009. He serves as the general manager of the granite shop. In this role, he supervises all pricing, templating, and scheduling of the granite shop.